Big Floor Mop Refill Original Bee Mop 13"

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  • Refill for Big Floor Mop 80000_1
  • 13-inch sponge
  • Refill Code A13
  • Metal "teeth" attach head to mop
  • Does not fit 52008
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4 Reviews

Brenda June 07, 2018

Glad to get refills hear, shame on Bed Bath & Beyond for not stocking

As others have commented, I'm really grateful to be able to purchase refills for the 13" Bee Mop. It's such a sturdy mop! It's annoying that BB&B chooses to not stock the refills anymore. I guess the mop was too sturdy for them and hurt their repeat sales? BTW - I did find that if you try to store these refills for 10 years, they disintegrate the first time you try to use them. LOL Don't stock up too far in advance!

J Huff January 17, 2018

Not stocked where we bought it

Bed Bath & Beyond was not stocking the refills. So we were glad that we could find the mop refills here. The 13" Bee mop is one of the best and we're glad to not have trashed it once our refill became worn.

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