5 Things You Didn't Know You Needed For College

Parents, we know you don't want to hear this (because trust us, we don't want to hear it either) but summer is almost over! We know what you're thinking... YIKES! But this also means that your back to school / back to college prep needs to be in full swing before it's too late (consider this your first warning). We've rounded up our 5 favorite things you didn't know your son or daughter will need to help set up and make the perfect dorm! 

1. A Shower / Bath ToteDay + Night CaddyA tote serves multiple functions: it can be used to organize odds & ends in the dorm without taking up extra space, or it can be used as a shower tote to keep your belongings all in one easy to store place (such as shampoo's, conditioners, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc). Take it from us, any way to stay organized in the small spaces (such as college dorm rooms) is huge in the long run.

2. Carpet Sweeper
Carpet SweeperYou may be thinking "pshh, my kid won't ever clean anything" but when that RA comes barreling down the hall about the mess in the room, they wont second guess taking a few minutes and cleaning up!  A carpet sweeper works on all floor surfaces and instantly picks up dirt, dust, crumbs and anything else that may be living on the floor.  The best part?  No annoying batteries, plugs or costly refills! It's also super easy to empty out making this the perfect dorm room companion for easy cleanup.

3. Bottle Brush
Slim Bottle BrushIt's 2019, so you should definitely have a reusable water bottle. At this point, who doesn't have one?! With the investment into a reusable water bottle, you need to make sure you keep it clean! A bottle brush is key to keeping the bottle beautifully clean for the entire semester, year and beyond. Pro tip: even if you are only drinking water, you should be cleaning your bottle every night. We won't judge you if you clean it every other night, but just clean the bottle more than you think you should – trust us.

4. Microwipes
MicrowipesDitch wasteful paper towels and replace 'em with microwipes!  These multi–use cloths are perfect for clenaup of any types of mess (dirt, dust, liquid, etc) and is also machine washable to extend the life of the cloth.  Keep a box handy and you've got a cloth to use almost anywhere. We like keeping one on our desks in case something spills or in the bathroom to clean up quick messes that you might not want to use a proper regular hand town with.

5. Microfiber Sponges
Microfiber SpongesWait, why are microfiber sponges on the list? Well, these are perfect for quick cleanup of messes on counters (kitchen, bathroom, etc) but also have a super top secret cleaning hack. Do you hate getting white deodorant marks on your clothes?  Hit those marks with a microfiber sponge and *poof* they'll vanish before your eyes! It's pure magic (but in following the magician code, we will never reveal our secret of how it works).

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