How to Clean Wine Glasses

The holiday season is one of the time of the year when everyone comes together to celebrate the season with good food, good company and of course... good drinks. From the start of November to the kickoff of the new year in January, it may just be the time of year that your glasses get used the most which is why it is important to keep them clean before, during, and after the holiday season. Continue reading on to learn how to clean wine glasses using our go-to favorite method!Using our favorite method, we always like to hand wash all wine glasses, even if they are safe to clean in the dishwasher. Washing by hand may take a little longer but it will ensure you won't break any glasses in the dishwasher as well as ensuring a slightly better clean. With that being said, you'll need a few things before we get started:

  • dish washing gloves
  • non-scratch sponges
  • non-scratch slim bottle brush
  • lint-free microfiber cloths
  • warm, soapy water

Why do you need the above? Gloves are key because not only do they protect your hands from the heat, but most gloves incorporate a textured pattern on the fingers that gives you a grippy handle on the glass itself while making sure it doesn't slip while you are cleaning. Using a non-scratch sponge is also key because... well... its simple: you don't want to scratch your glasses, duh! We know you're probably wondering why a bottle brush is on the list but, cleaning those taller wine glasses are always a challenge. Using a slim bottle brush is a good trick to be able to clean into the bottom of glasses that sponges (and your hand) might not be able to easily reach. The lint-free microfiber cloth is something that is also important because traditional microfiber cloths will leave lint behind, but a lint-free cloth will safely dry your glasses without scratching them or leaving any debris behind. It's a win-win. Last but not least, you'll need warm soapy water because the warmer water will help disinfect whatever may be left behind on the glasses (or get rid of anything else such as lipstick stains, etc).

Okay, now that you've got what you need, lets get down to business!

STEP ONE: time to get ready!

  1. Fill the sink with warm soapy water using your dish washing detergent of choice
  2. Put on some gloves and grab a sponge, dish brush or sponge brush
  3. Cradle the glass in your hand

STEP TWO: time to clean!

  1. Once everything is in hand, start cleaning!
  2. Remember to not clean TOO aggressively because you don't want to break the glass
  3. Clean the outside of the glass (stem, outer rim, bottom) and then clean the inside
  4. If you can't reach the bottom using a traditional sponge, grab. bottle brush or sponge brush (with a longer handle) to easily get to the bottom of the glass
  5. If you are fearful of still scratching the glass using a sponge or dish brush, put some of the warm soapy water inside the glass and swish it around and rinse it several times to clean the glass

STEP THREE: time to dry!

  1. As soon as you are done washing, prep to dry right away
  2. Drying sooner rather than later is important to avoid buildup of any water spots that may dry on the glass
  3. Use a lint-free microfiber cloth to dry the glass both inside and out
  4. Don't forget the stem and very bottom!

Bonus cleaning tips:

  1. Can't reach the bottom of the glass? Use a slim-bottle brush to reach where your hand won't (especially if you are afraid of breaking the glass)
  2. Use 2 cloths when drying! Use one hand to hold the glass with the cloth, and the other to actually dry the glass itself. Doing this will ensure no fingerprints get left behind at all.
  3. Avoid cleaning with cold water.
  4. Drink and be merry (but not in that order).
  5. If you are using a drying mat, make sure there are channels for air to flow in and around the glass. Placing it onto a cloth or absorbent mat will seal it off, and water will not be able to fully dry

BOOM! After all that, you're good to go and ready for everything the holiday season has to bring. So raise a glass and start toasting the season!

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