Introducing the Pivot Lint Roller

We're super excited to let you know that our brand-new Pivot Lint Roller!  This new Lint Roller features an easy push button that allows for the roller to pivot and lock into 2 positions for easy rolling on any surface. Lock it into place parallel to the handle and you're good to go on removing lint from you clothes. Lock it into place perpendicular to the handle and you're good to go on cleaning larger surfaces! 

Whats better than that is that the roller sheets themselves tear away easily (with one hand) for frustration free lint rolling! Oh, did we mention the roll is replaceable? Because the roll easily pops out for extremely easy replacing (no fumbling around or pinching your fingers here folks – simply pop the roll off the handle and slide in a new roll and you are good to go)!

Top places to use our new Pivot Lint Roller:
• removing pet hair from clothes, ottomans, couches
• picking up glitter
• cleaning inside of your car
• cleaning off staircases
• removing crumbs off your desk
• getting rid of lint off suit

The uses are honestly endless, and there is no wrong way to use it (especially around pets, because pets seem to hate vacuums and loud noises, and this is practically silent).  We're excited for you to get you hands on the product and can't wait to see what you clean with it. 

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