Blue WaterBlock™ Gloves

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Our WaterBlock™ Premium Gloves are tapered for a perfect fit, and the new Double Cuff catches water to prevent sleeves or arms from getting wet. Simply fold the cuff back for a longer or shorter cuff for more or less protection. 

  • NEW: Double Cuff catches liquid before it rolls down your arm 
  • NEW: Tailored fit for more dexterity and tactile control
  • Cotton flock lining
  • Embossed texture helps grip slippery objects
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Pleasant fragrance – no lingering latex smell
  • 100% latex
  • Perfect for dish washing, car washing, bath cleaning, oven cleaning, and other chores
  • 1 pairs
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Available in Small, Medium, or Large


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NEW Features:
Double Cuff, Patterned Grip
Sizes Available:
Small, Medium, Large
Colors Available:
Pink, Blue

5 Reviews

Jill W November 23, 2018

Note to Kate who left a review about sizing

Kate, I believe there are fakes of these gloves on Amazon, which indeed are sized too small. My problems were over when I started ordering them from this website. The gloves ordered directly from Casabella are still fantastic.

Kate October 04, 2018

Sizing is everything

I have used these gloves for many years, and I love them, but...years ago they had a size XL that was discontinued, and I periodically contact the company to request them again. I thought maybe a public review would matter more to them since other customers will see it and it can't just disappear into the circular file where all complaints go. See, the size L barely fits me, a woman with slightly larger than average hands. My partner, with fairly average-sized hands for a man, can't wear them at all. So basically what you're saying, Casabella, is that cleaning and washing dishes are women's work. That's not cool. Bring back XL! Cleaning gloves are for everyone!

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