Dish & Flatware Sponge & Squeegee(Set of 2)

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Scrape and wipe dishes for a quick clean-up and less water use. Multi-sided dish and flatware cleaner and sqeegee in one.

  • Unique slots for cleaning knives, forks, spoons, and glass rims
  • Super absorbent sponge
  • Scrubbing side won't scratch glass or Teflon
  • Lime/Orange, Plum/Orange
  • set of 2
  • 5.2"x 3.1"x 8"

1 Review

Roy July 14, 2015

A definite 'gotta have' at the sink where you wash dishes

This unique tool eliminates the reaching for the scouring pad, the sponge, the scraper, and the dish rag. This is a definite all-in-1. Hand washing sharp knives always provides the chance of getting cut. The slots eliminate that. The slots also get lipstick off glass rims. The squeegee scrapes the gunk out of pot and pan bottoms, food on plates, etc. The description does not lie.

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