Everywhere Duster

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The most versatile duster ever! Dust from the floor to the ceiling!

  • Head pivots with the push of a button, and locks into place
  • Squeezes easily into tight spaces
  • Reaches into high places
  • Great for cleaning window sills & molding
  • Fine microfibers reach into nooks and crannies to trap and hold dust
  • Microfiber head is hand washable (NOT dryer safe, air dry)


To remove/replace duster heads:
1. Unhook elastic loop from button
2. Slide duster off duster pole
3. Slide duster onto duster pole
4. Hook elastic loop onto button

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2 Reviews

Beth July 05, 2016

Pet Hair Sticks!

I have two dogs and a lot of wooden floors throughout. This duster picks up all of the dog hair in a matter of minutes without falling off or creating a pile of hair. I knew I loved it after one use. I would absolutely recommend this product! I also bought the extra duster refill so that I'll always have one ready to go!

September 22, 2015

I thought my place was clean!!!!

good job on the dust mop!! love it love it -- it's so effective and makes everything so so easy!! I was shocked to see what was really in my house that I thought was so clean .... I am confused on how to clean it, because it says "run underwater", so I'm supposed to put cat fur and dust stuff down my train? I'll have to look into this with you guys on chat??

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