Flex Dispensing Scrubber

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Flex and scrub!

  • Built–in trigger spray dispenses a fine mist of cleaning solution
  • The unique flex head contours to fit any surface
  • Soft grip handle for comfortable cleaning
  • Powerful scouring cloth scrubber has a replaceable head


To fill chamber:

  • Turn the lock on the chamber to the left to open
  • Turn brush sideways so lock is facing up
  • Fill with liquid
  • Place lock back onto chamber, turn to the right to lock
  • Good to go!


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1 Review

Helcia January 19, 2017

Indispensible Dispensing Scrubber

I thought I'd give it a try since I wasn't sure if tit would be another gimmick. I really like this. I filled the dispenser with finger to use the trigger spray. I used it on glass doors and windows. Helped to scrub off outside grime. I also used it on an interior cream painted wall where a young child had left hand prints from playing with orange clay. Effective and easy.

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