At Casabella, our goal is to make tools that solve problems or improve your cleaning and food preparation experience.  We are proud to hold more than 40 patents and we’re working on more every day! 


U.S. Patent No. 10,233,008


U.S. Patent No. 9,328,492
Plunger with Base


US 9,247,804,B2
Height Adjustable Broom with Dustpan


US 20080109974 A1
Comb Broom


US 20090223007 A1
Ergo Broom


US 20060137123 A1
Small Mesh Scrubber


US 6760949 B2
Clear Swivel Dish Brush


US D688877 S1
Smart Scrub Soap Dispensing Palm Dish Brush


US D647703 S1
Smart Scrub Bottle Brush


US D660006 S1
Smart Scrub Dish Brush


US D719357
Smart Scrub Soap Dispensing Dish Brush


US 20080222825 A1
Microfiber Flex Floor Duster


US D586877 S1
Clip on Silicone Squeegee


US 20140182052; US D688489 S1
Plunger with Base


US 20060150353 A1
Cotton Twist Mop


US 20140230668 A1
Cherry Pitter


US 8893393 B2
Peel 'n Slide Double Sided Peeler


US D584022 S1
Swivel Broom


US D589768 S1
Outdoor Garden Rake


US 7461993 B1
Silicone Dispensing Brush


US 20060137123 A1
Double Mesh Scrubber


US 8425137 B1
XL Microfiber Spray Mop


US D602219 S1
Eclipse Floor Duster


US 6626402 B1
Grook (medium)


US 6626402 B1
Grook (large)


US 6726010 B2
Curvaceous Bowl Brush


US 20060230560 A1
Angle Broom


US 20080109978 A1
Chenille Microfiber Mini Duster


US 8510892 B1
Ratchet Roller Mop


US 8407847 B1
Quick Sweeper


US D559489 S1
Swivel Tub and Tile Scrubber


US D624264 S1
Handle Grips


US D655139 S1
Silicone Measure Clean & Steam


US D646593 S1
Measuring Cup Set


US D646593 S1
Silicone Measuring Cup


US D651471 S1
Silicone Spoon Rest


US 8789781 B2
Grate 'n Store Rotary Cheese Grater