All Surface Sweeper

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All surface carpet sweeper will pick up small and large particles from all types of surfaces - carpeting and hard floor - with no electricity needed!

  • Compact size
  • Loop on handle for easy storage
  • Easy to empty 
  • 44" x 11" x 2"
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4 Reviews

Rob Saini June 07, 2020

Cleans well, and efficiently, no support for brush replacements.

This is a very good carpet cleaner, i have two cats and a toddler, however, after one year of use i need to replace the small brushes on the thing and its a bit difficult to find replacement brushes. Maybe because of the excelent price point its not cost effective to offer a replacents kit?

Jodi dick May 12, 2020

Just got mine today

This thing is pretty amazing for the price I love it, it picks up a surprising amount of debris . For those that had the cleaning brush break you can use a regular fork that you eat with and it will do the same thing just be careful not to bend the roller bars

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