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Uniquely designed to prevent browning and keep your guacamole fresh!

  • Secure: locks in freshness to prevent browning
  • Versatile: container doubles as a serving dish
  • Useful: Great for entertaining
  • Convenient: make ahead and store in the fridge
  • Durable: made from shatterproof, odorproof, stain–resistant and BPA free plastic
  • Ready to Serve: push–up mechanism keeps container looking full
  • Stores: from 12oz. up to 24oz.
  • Perfect for your Super Bowl game day recipe

Dishwasher safe, BPA free


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5 Reviews

Sharyn February 07, 2017


I made guacamole the day before the Superbowl....On Superbowl Sunday it was as fresh as if I'd just made it. Today is Tuesday, and the leftovers are STILL fresh, not icky brown! LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!

Leah Okrueg February 06, 2017

It's Amazing!

We went away for the weekend, and I wanted to take guac and chips, but the guac always turned brown. I saw the guac-lock in a magazine and thought I'd try it. It worked like a charm! I am so pleased with it. No more brown guac! I would recommend it to anyone.

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