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Perfect egg sandwich in a minute!

  • Place one large egg into the Microegg, scrambled or sunny side up
  • Cooking times may vary – check for doneness starting at 25 seconds and add time as needed
  • Made with high–temperature, stick–resistant silcone
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only

Tips & tricks for the perfect egg sandwich:

  • Spray inside of Microegg with a litte cooking spray for easy egg removal
  • Put a slice of cheese ontop of cooked egg, then loosely close flap to melt for the perfect egg and cheese sandwich
  • Season the egg before you cook it!

Dishwasher Safe:
Top rack only
Microwave Safe:

3 Reviews

Therese Wick February 25, 2018

Still working at it.

I tried the 25 seconds, but the first time I did not have the lid on securely, so the white of the egg splattered all over. The second time, I did it right, and although the yolk was done, the whites weren't. So I'm not sure how not to overcook the yolk while getting the whites done......I'll keep trying.

Kevin January 20, 2018

Re: Jackie Nixon August 21, 2016...

This product looks great, but... How do you use the Microegg to make "egg salad" (and things of that nature) ?

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