Microwipes™ Semi-Disposable Cloths (10 pack)

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More cleaning power! Just rinse and re-use.

  • reusable – machine washable
  • pack of 10 – never run out of cloths! 
  • keep 'em handy - keep a box in your bathroom, kitchen, family room, and even your car!
  • powerful - microfiber attracts, traps, and holds dust
  • safe for all surfaces
  • machine wash on cold cycle, air dry 

1 Review

Deb November 21, 2018


When I first saw these I thought there was no way they were worth the money. I ordered them anyway and found out that first impression was WAY WRONG! One of these is in my kitchen sink at all times...spills, quick dish washing, tidy-ups, and I've stopped using dishcloths that never really came clean in the laundry. Microwipes do not tear, are very absorbent, and go right into the dishwasher with the dirty dishes, hung over a bar on the top rack. Clean! I seriously use one for several weeks before I toss it... out of guilt. Great product, Guys. Nice job!

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