Mini Brush Scrubber with Holder

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Compact dish brush comes with its own holder for easy storage right near your sink.

  • Safe for use on dishes, pots, pans (...and more)
  • Nylon bristles
  • Patent pending
  • 3.5" x 3".

2 Reviews

Jacquelyn J Hamp April 28, 2020

Minnie brush scrubber with holder

I have been using these for at least 5 years. We never buy sponges anymore for dish cleaning. I have tried other scrubbers but the handle on this one makes it easy to use and the dish keeps it nice and tidy. Love these things, I bought 6 and replace them monthly. They are dishwasher safe too! Jackie H. Belleville, MI

Colorado Family September 03, 2017

I would recommend this product

After using the Mini Brush Scrubber With Holder for the past couple months I can honestly say I love the product. The bristles are nice and sturdy but will not damage my cookware or dinnerware. I love the perfect size of the brush as it fits nicely in my hand and is comfortable to use. The only drawback, which is why I gave it 4 stars, is the holder is too light so that when I grab the brush it falls into the sink or slips off the side of it. Casabella could improve this product by making the holder heavier or sturdier or perhaps putting a rubber like bottom on it.

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