Sink Sider™ Soap Pump with Funnel

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Sink Sider™ soap pump with built in funnel which doubles as a non-skid base. Viewing window let's you know when to refill. Use for hand or dish soap.

  • 14 oz. capacity
  • 3" X 8.5"High
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14 .oz

2 Reviews

Judyo September 11, 2018


when you press it to disperse the soap it either just drips down the side OR it squirts way beyond its intended target. It has some great design features but if it doesn't work it doesn't work. I still have it but it's a challenge to use it.

M Wilson May 01, 2018

Clever, User-friendly Design

I found this item at a local department store and got it because my facial cleanser dispenser had broken before the product was half gone. It is large container, so I don't have to refill often and it has small "port holes" that allow me to see the level of the liquid in the bottle. It is high quality plastic and can sit on the side of the tub without danger of breaking if it fell in. But, best of all, there is a cute little funnel tucked into the bottom of the bottle that you detach when you want to pour more soap or lotion into the bottle. Voila! No more messy spills and drips transferring from the original container. Thanks for an amazingly well-thought out design.

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