Sink Sider Solo with Sponge

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Soap pump and sponge storage all in one!

  • Includes a FREE sponge!
  • For use with dish soap or hand soap (liquid soaps only, do not use foaming style soap)
  • Built–in compartments for easy storage of sponges or brushes
  • Pull tab up to open bottle to refill soaps
  • Base comes off for easy cleaning
  • Easy to refill
  • Available in Black or White
Sponge included::
Dish brush included::

1 Review

Dee May 02, 2020

AMAZING quality!

I am used to soap dispensers with holders that have nasty soap scum build up and its NEVER easy to clean. Usually I have to get in corners with a toothbrush. The white version of thos dispenser that I own has been a total game changer! Easy to take apart and give a good cleaning which I love! This dispenser is truly well built and the spring to dispense the soap is going 10 months strong with no issues at all. Nothing has come apart or jammed. I have experienced no clogging up of the parts from my dish soap either! Cross my fingers haha! Did I mention the sponge it comes with?? When I first felt it I thought it was going to be flimsy. NOT the case at all! This sponge has stood the test of time, cleans SO effectively AND best of all - it doesn't smell! No funky weirdo mildew smell that I am so familiar with from other brands. No having to microwave this sponge or anything, but my only sad thing about this sponge is I can't buy separately from the website. I wish I could buy a pack of 15 of these! Overall, I love this dispenser set and I love it so much that I'm debating buying the one with 2 dispensers for hand soap and dishwasher soap and comes with a sponge.

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