Skillet Slingers (Set of 2)

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Shred, chop and crumble beef or chicken in no time!

  • Use built–in claws to pull apart raw ground beef or to shred tender cooked chicken or pork
  • Sharp edges designed to easily chop meat
  • Press both slingers together to push meat through holes for a perfectly crumbled texture
  • Safe on non–stick cookware
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only


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Dishwasher Safe:
Top rack only
Safe on nonäóñstick cookware:

2 Reviews

S. D. Roche February 16, 2017

Many uses

These will be great on slow cooked pork, pulling it apart. Very helpful tools on tedious shredding and chopping. Love these.

Tamara Thorne November 15, 2016

Skillet Slingers, I Love You

I didn't really expect these skillet slinger to be anything but a novelty, but I'm delighted to report otherwise. Because I'm not a fan of cooking, I like to cook are multi-night dishes like spaghetti, chili, and especially, carnitas. Getting a pound or two of ground beef to come apart in small bits has always been a pain, but dragging it apart as it begins cooking using the little hooks/fingers on the slingers speeds things up tremendously and helps you get it all. Normally, I find a few fully cooked, oversized chunks hiding among the onions. The slingers easily pull everything apart without harming my pots and pans. And after it's apart, I can use the flat sides to make it even smaller - and more importantly, to squish the meat and make the fat rise to the top where clean paper towels easily soak it up. Where the slingers really excel is in making carnitas. It's hard to manhandle that big pork butt or shoulder and also succeed in shredding the pork off, but Casabella's skillet slingers can take a roast apart in mere minutes - and no more scratches in my pot. And I can season as I go along, so it's nice and even. After it's taken apart, I use the slingers to transfer the meat to the baking dish to put a crisp on the dish. They're very handy. I've also used them to make a meatloaf - a family favorite that we rarely have because it's such a pain to mix the raw ground beef with all the things it needs to become a succulent dinner. I used to just frown and bear it and put my hands in that mess. No more. Now I don't have to touch it. That's a big hallelujah! Finally, my husband, who actually likes to cook, thinks these slingers will be a big asset to him when putting together and fluffing casseroles of stuffing and lifting yams.

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