Wayclean™ Everywhere Duster

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The most versatile duster ever! Dust from the floor to the ceiling!

  • Head pivots with the push of a button, and locks into place
  • Squeezes easily into tight spaces
  • Reaches into high places
  • Great for cleaning window sills & molding
  • Fine microfibers reach into nooks and crannies to trap and hold dust
  • Microfiber head is hand washable (NOT dryer safe, air dry)


To remove/replace duster heads:
1. Unhook elastic loop from button
2. Slide duster off duster pole
3. Slide duster onto duster pole
4. Hook elastic loop onto button

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1 Review

August 22, 2016

Great for high ceilings and homes with spiders

Great to get to the high corners in my rooms - good-bye spider webs. It also gets to the tops of my windows and ceiling fans. It is very light and easy to use. I like the angle locking feature. The head grabs dirt well. I have not tried washing it yet. I also used it to clear dust from my deep car dashboard.

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