Refill for the Magnet® Broom

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Unique electrically charged foam head effectively removes dust and hair.

  • Simply rinse in water to clean foam after use
  • Refill for Magnet® Pet Broom #16363

8 Reviews

Carol P. December 03, 2018

Magic Broom foam re-fill

I have had my Magic Broom for years.....My cat and I can't live without it! Lightweight, picks up dirt dragged in from outside and most of all, cat litter tracked in to the kitchen. Works very well on my tile floors. So happy to see the foam re-fill fits my old broom perfectly!

KarenRichards October 19, 2018

Magnet Broom Refill

I have had this broom for years and finally needed to replace the foam. I really like how it picks up dust and hair easily. That being said, the only criticism I have is the length of time to send this product via snail mail. Ordered on 10/5 and received 10/17 and the foam weighs only .02 lbs. but the box said 2 lbs! It’s foam - send in a puffy envelope. Thanks

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