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Bath Cleaning


Featured products:

1. Flex Neck TNT Scrubber
• perfect for cleaning tiles, tubs and showers
• extendable pole reaches to hard to clean areas
• unique flexible head allows for easy cleaning of even the most awkward shapes and angles


2. Flex Dispensing Scrubber
• perfect for showers, sinks, floors... just about anywhere!
• unique flexing head contours to fit any surface
• powerful scouring cloth may look abrasive but wont scratch delicate tile surfaces
• built–in chamber and trigger allows for cleaning using your favorite cleaning solution


3. Smart Scrub Heavy Duty Grout Brush
• perfect for cleaning grout and small detail areas
• stiff bristles allow for deep cleaning of shower or floor grout 
• unique Smart Scrub bristles features a cross–action bristle for 8X more cleaning edges for a more effective clean


4. WaterBlock Gloves
• perfect for protecting your hands and arms when cleaning in your bathroom
• features a double–cuff to catch any liquid before it rolls down your arms and sleeves
• unique textured grip allows for easy cleaning with no loss of grip


5. Stainless Steel Swivel Combo Bowl Brush
• perfect for anyone looking to save space!
• 2-in-1 design featuring both a toilet bowl brush and toilet bowl plunger
• base swivels 360 degrees for easy access to tools when you need them, and swivel to hide when you don't
• no-touch lid for toilet bowl brush opens when pulling the brush out and closes when putting it back in


6. Microfiber Glass Cloth (set of 2)
• perfect for cleaning glass surfaces in your bathroom such as mirrors or doors
• honeycomb texture cleans water spots, smudges and dirt
• effectively cleans glass surfaces without scratching them
• machine washable – no more buying tubs and tubs of cleaning refills!