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Dish Cleaning


Featured products:

1. Sparkle Sponges (set of 6)
• perfect for cleaning ANY dish surface – from tough pots and pans to delicate glassware!
• safe to use on non–stick cookware
• safe to use on delicate glassware such as wine or beer glasses
• safe to use porcelain! 


2. WaterBlock Gloves (set of 2)
• perfect for protecting your hands while cleaning your dishes 
• features a double–cuff to catch liquid before it rolls down your arms
• textured grip for easy cleaning under water
• safe to use under hot water


3. Round Dish Brush
• perfect for everyday cleaning of any type of dish
• great for cleaning pots, pans, dishes and small glasses


4. Slim Water Bottle Brush
• perfect for cleaning narrow neck water bottles (i.e., Swell bottles)
• perfect for cleaning tall beer style glasses and flower vases
• safe to use on stainless steel and plastic 


5. Smart Scrub Soap Dispensing Scrub Brush
• perfect for deep cleaning of tough to clean pots, pans, and baking sheets
• features unique cross–action bristles for 8X more scrubbing edges for a more effective clean
• features an easy–fill soap chamber for easy dispensing of soap at the push of a button
• safe for non–stick cookware!


6. Cellulose Sponge (set of 6)
• perfect for everyday cleaning of dishes
• scrubby surface safe to use on non–stick cookware 
• small shape conforms to any shape for easy cleaning of corners and strange angles