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Kitchen Cleaning


Featured products:

1. Sink Sider Soap Pump with Funnel
• perfect for any countertop!
• features built in funnel in base that pops out for easy filling
• see-through dots on soap pump easily shows how much soap is left
• funnel doubles as non–siip base for your countertop


2. Microfiber Stainless Steel Cloths (set of 2)
• perfect for cleaning off stainless steel surfaces
• safely and effectively cleans stainless surfaces without scratching
• unique dual-textured cloth allows for one side to clean and the other for polishing
• no chemicals needed – just use water!
• machine washable – no more buying tubs of refills or cloths!


3. Countertop Dustpan
• perfect for quick cleanups on countertops, tables and chairs
• effectively removes scraps and crumbs from surfaces without scratching
• silicone sweeper allows for flexible sweeping (to pick up any size or shaped debris)
• silicone sweeper attaches to dustpan for easy storage


4. Sink Sider Duo
• perfect for any countertop looking to save space!
• 2 soap pump chambers – use one for dish soap, one for hand soap!
• integrated sponge and brush holder!
• base pops off for easy cleaning (no build up of bacteria)


5. Microfiber All Surface Scrubby Cloths (set of 2)
• perfect for tough cleanup of countertop surfaces
• unique textured scrubby side is safe to use on granite, corona and porcelain 
• one side for textured scrubbing, and another for drying, polishing and buffing!
• no chemicals needed – just use water!
• machine washable – no more buying tubs of refills or cloths!


6. Large Dish Rack
• perfect for organizing your dishes after you hand wash them
• features a drain spout to drain directly into your sink, leaving your countertops dry and spot-free
• non–slip rubber feet keeps the dish rack in place
• cutlery cup for area to allow for cutlery or kitchen tools to dry 
• protective outer bumper layer wont scratch your plates