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Featured products:

1. Wayclean Wide Angle Broom
• perfect for cleanup around the house and office
• best broom money could by, voted by The Sweethome
• angled head for easier cleaning
• comfy grip allows for comfortable sweeping at any position or angle


2. Quick 'n Easy Upright Sweep Set
• full size broom
• detachable broom head and dustpan for easier detail cleanup
• dustpan folds up for compact storage
• grip on broom head for comfortable sweeping


3. Outdoor All Surface Broom
• perfect for cleanup of doorways, patios, and sidewalks
• also perfect for garages!
• stiff and flexible bristles allow for easy pickup of large and small debris

4. Height Adjustable Broom and Dustpan
• perfect for families who clean together (and who are different heights)
• height adjustable pole allows for easy cleanup for any size!
• 2-in-1 broom head features a pop-out detail brush for smaller cleanup 


5. All Surface Sweeper
• perfect for quick cleanups on any floor surface – hardwood, tile, linoleum, and even carpets!
• picks up small and large particles
• easy to empty
• no electricity needed!


6. Compact Upright Sweep Set
• perfect for cleanups of any size
• compact but not lacking in features!
• molded grip on dustpan allows for easy emptying 
• pole extends to full size broom
• built–in comb on dustpan allows for easy cleaning of debris off bristles