Best Ways to Keep Clean in 2018

We're a few weeks into 2018, how are your New Years cleaning resolutions going so far?  We've rounded up our favorite tips, tricks and ways to help clean your home cleaner than ever this year.

1. Listen to music!
Listening to music will help you relax and lighten the mood (especially if you dance a little while you clean!).  Create a playlist of music that you love and turn the playlist on right before you start cleaning.


2. Keep a schedule and make a list

There is  A LOT satisfaction of making a list and crossing things off as you complete the task.  Keep a notebook handy and write down the area or places you want to tackle and when.  Once you're done, cross it off and BOOM!  Task, done.

3. Use some TECH!

If you're not the type to write things down, try using some tech!  Use whichever digital assistant you use or prefer (i.e., Siri, Alexa, Google, etc) and set up daily, weekly or monthly cleaning tasks and reminders.

*Hey Siri, remind me to clean the bathroom every Saturday morning at 10:30am*

4. Say no to bars!

Remove soap bars and soap dishes from your sinks!  Use a dedicated soap pump to help eliminate both from your sinks (which frees up space) as well as getting rid of any possible soap-scum that has built up over time.

5. Make it a family affair!

Divide and conquer: include the whole family!  Delegate certain tasks to family members and rotate the tasks every few weeks to keep your family on their toes.  Rotating the tasks not only keeps them on their toes, it also shows them how to keep the whole house clean!

6. Know the difference between weekly and monthly chores!

Sometimes you need to clean an area that takes a little more time. Delegate these tasks to monthly cleaning (especially for an area in your home that isnt a high traffic area). Shift the things that need more attention to weekly tasks instead (such as bathroom, kitchen, etc).

7. Keep it COOL!

An area people always forget to clean is their fridge! Our fridges store everything, so why not devote some cleaning time to it? Once a month remove everything and wipe down shelves, doorways and gaskets to ensure your fridge is keeping everything cool.

8. Know when to replace!

Another mistake people make is not replacing refills, sponges, gloves, or dish brushes.  Your cleaning is only as good as the tool you're using to clean, so if a refill is on its last legs... replace it!  Don't clean things with tools past their prime as it will cause you to have to clean twice (and thats not nice).

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