It's #AppleWeek!

No no, we're not talking about the launch of the new iPhone here!  We're proud to be a sponsor of #AppleWeek, an annual event hosted by Family Around The Table (@familyaroundthetable) and Cooking With Carlee (@cookingwithcarlee) where like minded bloggers are gathered to post a variety of recipes all surrounding the theme of you guessed it... apples!  

We'll be sharing all of their posts here in what we'll call a "mega-blog post" of sorts, so without further interupption, scroll down to check out all of the awesome posts!

Amy's Cooking Adventures → Roasted Beet Apple Salad

Simple and savory → Roasted Butternut Squash and Apples

Culinary Adventures with Camilla → Grilled Veggie Tacos with Apple Pico

Cooking With Carlee → Apple Week Sneak Peek

A Kitchen Hoor's Adventures → Baked Oatmeal With Apple Cheddar Sausage

Feeding Big  Easy Fried Apples

Family Around The Table → Mini Apple Muffins with Oatmeal Streusel ToppingCaramel Apple Nut Bars

Tip Garden → Apple Cobbler French Toast Casserole

All that's Jas → Apple Oatmeal Pie

Bear & Bug Eats → Savory Turkey Apple Brie GaletteVanilla Brined Pork Chops Applesauce

The Freshman Cook → Crunchy Apple BBQ Pork

A Day in the Life on the Farm → Easiest Ever Apple SauceApple Oatmeal Muffins 

Sew You Think You Can Cook → Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Corn Beans Pigs Kids → Apple Oatmeal Coffee Mug Cake

Jolenes Recipe Journal → Oatmeal Crusted Apple Stuffed French Toast