National No Dirty Dishes Day!

"I can't wait to get home and wash dishes" ...said no-one ever.  

We understand that washing the dishes isn't the worlds most fun activity, and nobody usually ever wants to clean them at all. Can you blame them?  We can however say that even how stressful it is to clean your dishes (and keep the sink empty), we've got some fantastic news: May 18th is National No Dirty Dishes Day!  This is one holiday we can get behind, and we'll be partaking in the festivities all day.

So... what is National No Dirty Dishes Day?  It is a day dedicated to celebrate the freedom of not having to clean any dishes all day. Thats right, an entire day of avoiding the existential dread of cleaning the sink out and just not cleaning any dishes at all! *insert happy dance here*

Here is how you can celebrate the day:
• wash your dishes the day before
• deep clean your sink to not get it dirty
• don't clean any dishes... make someone else do them for you!
• use the dishwasher (keep that sink empty!)

Can you celebrate National No Dirty Dishes Day on other days? Of course! Heres how:
• tag team dish cleaning, involve the whole family!
• assign certain dishes to certain family members 
• one person cleans pots & pans, one cleans plates, etc
• use your digital assistant of choice to remind you to clean the sink out! 
"...hey Siri, remind me to clean the sink out Saturday morning..."

So, if you need us on May 18th, you can find us relaxing on the couch as far away from the sink as possible (and possibly watching reruns of The Office, but we can neither confirm or deny that will actually happen). 

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