The 1-2-3 Cleaning Method

We don't want to sound overly dramatic but... you are definitely cleaning your floors all wrong!  You see, the one thing that people seem to always forget when it comes to cleaning your home is that you should be cleaning smarter, not harder.  Nobody wants to have to clean the same thing twice, right?!  Because of that, we've developed a quick step-by-step plan to make sure you spend less time cleaning your home, and more time living in it.  We call it our 1-2-3 method → dust-it, sweep-it, mop-it!  Here is how it works:

STEP ONE – dust it
Always start at the top, and work your way down!  Don't dust something low like a coffee table than clean a light fixture above it because you'll have to go back and dust the table again (and nobody wants that)!  So, dust all things that are up high like light fixtures, tops of cabinets or fridges, countertops then work your way down to the lower stuff like chairs, coffee tables, etc.

#CasabellaCleaningTip: if you are dusting with microfiber, make sure to clean your microfiber regularly so you are cleaning with its full potential.  If you are dusting with dirty microfibers, you are justing pushing more dirt around and if larger debris gets stuck in it, it could lead to scratches on other surfaces.

STEP TWO – sweep it
After you are done dusting you may have leftover dust bunnies, dirt, crumbs or debris lying around and this is where the sweeping comes into place!  Grab a broom or sweep set and sweep up any of the debris that may be left behind after dusting. It's important to sweep everything up because if you don't and go on to the next step, you will be mopping your floors with dirt or debris which isn't good.  Mopping with debris left behind on your floors will cause you to have to go back and dust again (which nobody wants to do that) and mopping with debris left behind can scratch your floor depending on what you are cleaning.

#CasabellaCleaningTip: if your broom has teeth on the dustpan, make sure to clean the bristles regularly to make sure you are sweeping with clean bristles!  Run the bristles through the teeth and keep 'em clean!

STEP THREE – mop it
Once all debris is swept up, your floors are ready for mopping!  Grab your mop (whether it is quick cleaning or deep cleaning) and start mopping your floor. 

#CasabellaCleaningTip: if your home has a lot of natural sun light that peeks into the room you are cleaning, make sure you mop your floors on a cool, cloudy day!  On sunnier days as you start mopping, the floors will dry MUCH quicker and will cause streaking on your floors... which means you will have to go back and re-mop your floor.  Nobody wants to clean the same thing twice, so remember to avoid cleaning on very bright, sunny days!  Plus, wouldn't you want to be outside enjoying the nice day rather than be inside cleaning? Of course you would! 

BONUS STEP – relax!

After you are done cleaning your floors with our handy 1-2-3 method... sit back, kick those feet up, relax and enjoy your beautifully clean floors!

And thats it!  Thats our easy 1-2-3 method for cleaning your floors.  If you still struggle with cleaning, try to make it a little more fun by putting on some of your favorite music as you clean!  We sometimes can't resist throwing in a little shimmy or shake as we clean because when our favorite song comes on, it's impossible not to dance a little!

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