Top Places to Clean for Memorial Day

Don't look but... Memorial Day is right around the corner! It's literally a few days away but before you battle the crowds at the supermarket to get all of your food shopping done, make sure your home is ready to go before your guests arrive for your barbecue.

Check out these top places to clean before (and after) Memorial Day to make sure your home is ready for backyard summer entertaining!

1. Sweep it up!Keep the inside (and outside) of your home clean by making sure any entryway of your home is swept up and clean! Using an outdoor broom, sweep away any dirt, leaves, debris or anything else that people can track into your home. This also goes for keeping areas around your outdoor entertaining spaces (such as patios, around + under furniture, etc): make sure to keep it clean all summer long by sweeping it every weekend.

2. Get your grill on!
Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff of summer, so where we are going... there will be grills! Using a damp reusable microfiber cloth, wipe down and clean off any surface that may have any buildup of dirt and grime from being unused all winter. This is especially important knowing that its allergy season, so make sure to wipe off any pollen that may be built up on or around your grill!

3. Glass Cleanup!
If you've got any glass windows, doors or especially tables... use a lint-free glass cleaning cloth to clean glass surfaces!  Using a glass cloth is important to ensure that you effectively remove dirt, grim, dust, dried on water without leaving any lint behind. I mean, nobody wants to sit down to a table full of pollen, right?  (because, that'd be totally gross)

4. Don't wine about it!
If beer ain't your thing and wine is, we won't judge! Just don't forget to clean out those wine glasses and make sure they're spotless for your guests. We recommend using a sponge based brush over a dish brush for wine glasses because sponge based brushes won't scratch your delicate glassware like a brush might. You don't have to specifically use a sponge based brush, as a normal sponge will work just the same!

BONUS – Cleaning Product Hacks for Memorial Day!

1. A Different Kind of Ice Bucket Challenge!

Ditch those wasteful foam coolers (that are horrible for the environment) and use a bucket instead! Simply fill the bucket with ice and your favorite beverage and BOOM! Instant ice bucket. Need to move it? Use the handle for easy transport or moving of your instant-cooler! 

2. Keep it organized

Instead of using a caddy for storage and transport of all your cleaning supplies, swap it out for your bbq supplies! Whether you are hosting a backyard get together or going to one, this hack is perfect storage and transport of plates, cups, utensils, napkins and even all your favorite (and essential) toppings or condiments. 

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend everybody! :)

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