Top Thanksgiving Cleanup Tips

Thanksgiving is this week!  Is your home ready?  Check out our top Thanksgiving tips to help make this the best (and easiest) Thanksgiving ever.

Power clean your floors in high-traffic areas (doorways, kitchen and dining room floors).

Clean off the stairs (i.e., the baseboard, stair tread and in between railings).

Keep a broom handy to sweep up any scraps that may fall on the floor before or after you cook.

Clean off silverware + glasses! Nobody wants to be using utensils or wine glasses with water spots on them.

Keep a fresh sponge handy for post–thanksgiving cleanup (because where we're going, there WILL be dishes).

Sweep up entryways (front door, back door) to avoid anyone tracking in mulch, dirt or even leaves.

Keep a fresh dish brush handy for pre and post cleanup (because there will be plenty of pots, pans and dishes to clean).

Fill up any soap pumps for dish or hand soap in both the kitchen and bathrooms (nobody should get stuck without soap).

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