The Original Bee Mop Refill

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Refill for Classic Floor Mop.

  • Fits original # 50005 Sponge Floor Mop
  • Super absorbent 10 inch sponge
  • Refill code A11
  • Refill code G
  • Metal "teeth" attach refill to mop
  • Does not fit Mop # 52007

13 Reviews

Victoria Rich June 07, 2019

Best mop ever

I've had this mop forever, and was so excited to find these refills. Thought I would have to buy the new style,which does not fit my mopping bucket. The original is absolutely the best mop I've ever had!

Russ Raman May 01, 2019

Easy-to-Replace High Quality Mop Refill

One of the most important features of the Casabella Original Bee Mop line is the ease of installing replacement sponge mop heads. No longer do I have to spend 5 minutes trying to remember how to remove and install a replacement mop head. With this refill, removal and installation of a new mop head is simple. The refills are are hiqh quality sponges that are highly absorbent and long-lasting, and once "broken in," are simple to squeeze dry thanks to the mechanics of Casabella's lever that makes emptying a water-filled sponge neat and easy.

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