The Original Bee Mop Refill

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Refill for Classic Floor Mop.

  • Fits original # 50005 Sponge Floor Mop
  • Super absorbent 10 inch sponge
  • Refill code A11
  • Refill code G
  • Metal "teeth" attach refill to mop
  • Does not fit Mop # 52007

14 Reviews

Miriam Guiney May 18, 2020

Bee Mop Refill

This mop works great & I LOVE being able to replace the mop head without having to buy a whole new mop. It makes mopping floors almost fun!

Victoria Rich June 07, 2019

Best mop ever

I've had this mop forever, and was so excited to find these refills. Thought I would have to buy the new style,which does not fit my mopping bucket. The original is absolutely the best mop I've ever had!

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