The Original Bee Mop


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The classic Bee Mop you know and love in a brand new color! 

•Easy wring handle
•Super absorbent and replaceable 10" sponge
•Rust resistant and durable construction
•Heavy–duty lever for maximum wringing
•Made in Italy
•Lifetime Guarantee (on the mop, not on the refill)

Dont forget the refill!

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10 Reviews

Russ Raman May 01, 2019

Finally... A Mop That Lasts and is Easy to Refill!

My wife used to buy a new mop + refill at Costco every month, mainly owing to the low cost. But since these mops came with a refill, I replaced the mop after two week's usage, only to nearly cut my hands every time I tried to remove and replace a sponge mop head refill. After buying and using these "disposable" mops from Costco for nearly five years, I searched and discovered Casabella. I ordered one and was pleasantly surprised to find that not only are the worn sponge mop heads simple to remove and and replace with new refills, the Casabella mop itself is extremely sturdy and durable. Importantly, the mechanics of the mop's rinsing ability is superior. I wish the sponge mops lasted a little longer before tearing, but I have become a loyal Casabella fan thanks to overall quality, durability, ease-of-use and mop head replacement.

Tony April 03, 2019

So far so good!

I was looking for a metal design like this. I had another sponge mop with rollers but the casing that held the rollers was plastic and it broke within a year. I've seen a few reviews of the Bee Mop sponge, where people have said the sponge comes apart from the bracket, but so far mine shows no signs of wear. The sponge is very porous and it's different from most synthetic sponges, but it works well. Molto bene!

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