The Original Bee Mop


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The classic Bee Mop you know and love in a brand new color for 2019! 

•Easy wring handle
•Super absorbent and replaceable 10" sponge
•Rust resistant and durable construction
•Heavy–duty lever for maximum wringing
•Made in Italy
•Lifetime Guarantee (on the mop, not on the refill)

Dont forget the refill!

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All Floor Types
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14 Reviews

Marc May 18, 2020

Original Bee Mop - a great choice

I bought this to replace the Casabella Wayclean mop which I could no longer get refills for. I had it for years and it worked well, never rusted. This mop is a nice color - mostly neutral with a bit of orange. I would prefer all neutral as this mops hangs in our master bathroom shower and orange clashes with the decor. The mechanism to wring out the sponge is a bit more difficult to squeeze than the Wayclean but that is because it does a better job of wringing out the sponge. It is also easier to replace the sponge with the refill. My only complaint is that the hook to hang up the mop is just an oblong hole in the mop's handle at the end. This is not wide enough to hang on my Command adhesive hook (which is pretty small). The Wayclean mop that I had previously owned had a loop on the end which worked better. So, now I have tied string through the new mop to make my own loop which works but is not nice looking. Casabella makes the best mops on the markets in my opinion. I hope they read this and consider making an all neutral color and changing the hook.

Patricia November 25, 2019

A Mop That's Proven Its Worth

I've tried many different mops, yarn mops, swiffers, sponge mops with the squeeze handle next to the sponge, sprayer mops, etc. Finally I saw this while using Pinterest to look at pretty cleaning tools. What?!!! You can still buy these? Strong and stable, tall enough handle to not mop stooping over, sturdy sponges that actually clean grime quickly without using a shredding scrubber, and mine came in light turquoise! I bought two sponge refills, because I did read that they will eventually get dry if stored too long. I am still using the first one, so I'm glad I only got two more. No touching icky strings or sponges and no squeezing dirty water over your hands. No leaky non-squirting sprayers either. The wringer squeezes the sponge so it is not dripping wet and still works to mop. I like to use Method Mint squirt cleaner and the sponge holds up very nicely. I am very happy I found the Bee mop again! I grew up using this kind on my parents house floors. Finally something from "the old days" that proves if it isn't broken, don't fix it!

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