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27 Reviews

Holly January 21, 2019

Wayclean Wide Angle Broom Picks Up Kitty Litter

I bought this broom specifically to sweep kitty litter on a wood floor. After using this broom for a week, I think it is the best solution for sweeping light-weight clay kitty litter. I tried a variety of vacuum cleaners and other brooms over the years, but never found any that were good at picking up kitty litter. I also tried changing the type of litter until it became obvious that the cats did less digging with the light-weight clay litter and therefore kept more of it in the box. The fine ends of the bristles on this broom are the best for picking up very fine particles and dust. It also helps to have a dustpan with a flexible edge that lies flat against the floor. I am very happy with this broom and have not had any problems with it.

Stevie Zheng December 08, 2018

Serviceable broom with only minor flaws

The broom is lightweight, yet sturdy. Bristles have held up so far and I'm overall satisfied with it. My only complaint is that the grip on the handle tends to slide around too much. While it's nice to be able to adjust the height of the grip, I find that it's more of a nuisance when cleaning. I would rather have either a fixed grip or no grip at all.

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