Top Places to Clean Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is literally just a few days, and its never to late to make sure your home is prepped and ready to go! Check out some last minute places to clean & prep before guests arrive later this week, especially if you want to avoid any judgement from your favorite in-laws.

1. 1-2-3 Clean the Floor
Our 1-2-3 method is simple, but make sure to follow before guests arrive! First dust your floors with a floor duster to pick up any lose debris, then using a dustpan sweep up anything else the floor duster couldn't pick up, then finally mop the floor and you're good to go! Pro tip: always dust and sweep before you mop to avoid moping any debris around (because nobody wants that).

2. Baseboards + molding 
Your floors are one thing, but don't forget about the baseboards and molding! Clean off the intricate spaces on your stairs, stair tread, baseboards on the floors, and any other molding that may be up high (ceilings) or low. Always clean these surfaces BEFORE you mop your floor!

3. Light fixtures + fans
You should aways dust off light fixtures and ceiling fans regularly, but you should especially do before Thanksgiving or hosting anyone this holiday season for several reasons. The main reason is because nobody wants to be sitting down for drinks or dinner and have a rouge dust bunny fall down from the ceiling into anything. That's just gross! So don't forget to clean these off.

4. Silverware
Be sure to rinse off and clean your silverware, especially if you are using special silverware for the holiday. Nobody wants to sit down and eat and see water spots on their utensils (ewwwwwwwwww).

5. Doorways

Sweep up doorways and entryways to avoid anyone tracking in any dirt, crunched up leaves or anything else that you wouldn't want all over your clean floors. Pro tip – keep a carpet sweeper handy indoors to quickly pick up anything that might track in!

6. SinksDon't do the un-sink-able and forget to clean your sinks! We're not just talking about the kitchen sink, either. Clean off the sinks in your bathrooms and make sure there is plenty of hand soap, toilet paper and clean towels for both you and your guests. Nobody wants to get stuck in the bathroom without one of those things... because that would be really awkward.

7. Wine glasses
Hand wash your wine glasses and other delicate glassware you may use to make sure they are sparkly and clean for whatever the day may bring! After you hand wash with warm, soapy water be sure to dry the glasses sooner rather than later to avoid any water spots forming. Pro tip – use a lint-free microfiber cloth when drying to avoid any buildup of unwanted debris that could be left behind.

8. Don't forget the bathroom!
With all the madness of making sure your kitchen is clean, don't forget to deep clean your bathroom! Using a scrubber, don't forge to scrub tiles clean (including the grout lines) as well as into any corners that may be tough to clean (we're looking at you, awkward space behind the toilet). 

And thats it! From our family to yours, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and we hope you have a fantastic time with friends, family... or both! Enjoy the time off and getting caught up on all your favorite TV shows (because lets be honest, how cute is that baby Yoda. If you know, you know).

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